Shenzhen Tisenc Medical won the second prize of the “Deep Creation Competition” final, opening a new era of whole blood luminescence detection

Recently, Shenzhen TISENC Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has launched an innovative business project - “automatic chemiluminescence”. With the concept of “Accurate chemiluminescence, Flexible POCT”, and through the test of layers, TISENC was awarded the second prize of the “Biomedical” industry final in the 10th China Shenzhen “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Competition.

To implement the documents issued by the General Office of the State Council, Shenzhen has held the China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for 9 consecutive years. The competition closely follows the requirements of innovation and development, and guides all sectors of society to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. It gives full play to the decisive role of market allocation resources and creates a new theme for Shenzhen's innovative cities.

It is reported that the entries of this session are from the six major fields of advanced manufacturing, biology and life science, Internet and mobile internet, electronic technology, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new materials, representing the entrepreneurial model projects in their respective fields. The total number of registrations exceeded 4,220, and the registration of the enterprise group exceeded 2,322, an increase of 132.9%.

Fortunately, TISENC Medical represented Shenzhen Bao ' an District Government to participate in this competition. TISENC has stood out from more than 2,000 participating companies by virtue of its research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights and clinical application value - "single-person automatic chemiluminescence", and won the second prize of the "Biomedical" industry finals.

Founded in 2015, TISENC has always adhered to the core values of “Talent Achievement, Quality Casting Brand”. After 3 years, the company has successfully developed two models of automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer Accre6 and Accre8, and has developed 12 supporting reagents, all of which have obtained CE certification.

For the first time, the ACCRE system breaks through the limitation of whole blood detection in chemiluminescence. The user does not need to wait for the sample centrifugation time in an emergency. After adding the whole blood sample, wait 10 minutes to get the report result.
The system will be extendedto many areas of testing such as myocardium, inflammation, sex hormones, thyroid function, infectious diseases, and tumor markers. With its advanced methodological concept and exquisite design and construction, ACCRE takes into account the precision of chemiluminescence and the flexibility of POCT. It will be promising in many medical situations such as emergency department, inspection, ICU and CCU.

In the future, TISENC will continue to contribute to the innovative development of domestic in vitro diagnostic technology, build the “intelligent manufacturing in China” brand of biomedical devices.